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Control de Calidad,SSAW de la tubería,Tubo de ERW
Control de Calidad,Tubos de perforación,La carcasa y Tubería

For each batch of steel pipes, we have complete quality assurance and control procedures and manuals. Our quality assurance system is based on the ISO 9001 standard, and our quality assurance system is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001). An independent Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for all work procedures to ensure that all production processes meet international technology delivery conditions (such as ASTM/ASME, in investment policy reviews) and customer standards.

The inspection will be selected by the customer and distributed to SGS/BV/MOODY/VELOSI/DNV/LR/TUV, etc.
Destructive rather than destructive laboratories

Destructive test

Nondestructive testing

Chemical experiment

Turbine test

Traction test

Ultrasound detection

Impact test

Hydraulic test

Bending test

Radiographic test

Crushing test

MPI test

Combustion test

Hardness test

Metallurgical test

Corrosion test